Your Hyundai Elantra Fog Lights

Hyundai is a Korean automaker that is relatively new to the American auto market. Over the past decade, their products lines have improved a great deal. Consumers look to Hyundai for affordable pricing and a high level of dependability. Hyundai cars also provide one of the auto industry’s longest warranties. Today, the company has come a long way with its impressive lineup. The company’s lineup includes the Accent Hatchback, Accent Sedan, Azera Sedan, Elantra Sedan, electric hatchback, hybrid hatchback, Santa Fe SUV, Santa Fe Sport SUV, Sonata Sedan, and others. There is a Hyundai model to fit just about every driving personality. Hyundai also places strict focus on installing the latest safety technology for all of its models. Hyundai fog lights are one such item.

How Fog Lights Work

Driving in fog can be dangerous because visibility is almost zero. Fog lights exist to help drivers see ahead. They help to illuminate areas ahead of the vehicle that are obscured by mist and fog. Fog lights are meant to throw out light that is directed away from the driver. The key to how well they accomplish their task is how they are angled. Sometimes, the driver sits at an improper height, or the lights are mounted improperly to begin with. Such positioning may cause glare to bounce back toward the driver. This may be just as bad as the lights of a vehicle coming in the opposite direction. If the fog lights are changed or repaired for any reason, always make sure that they maintain the correct angle. Typically, fog lights are yellow. It could be that yellow light minimizes light dispersion. Red may even be a more effective color, but red is always a warning sign to oncoming drivers. Yellow is always the color that warns us to slow down and to proceed with caution. Rain, snow, and fog are where fog lights seem to be most effective. They actually help drives to see the edge of the road that is close to their car. This allows drives to progress safely at slow speeds through foul weather. It is always best to replace a vehicle’s bad fog lights with OEM parts and accessories. This way, the vehicle owner knows for sure the light has been tested and its specifications match vehicle requirements.

Where Not to Use Fog Lights

Many drivers assume that leaving the fog lights on during daytime driving makes for good safety habits. Fog lamps during day driving do not improve the driver’s visibility. Studies show that more people use their fog lights incorrectly during the day then drives incorrectly use them at night. People naturally assume they are able to see better with them on in the day. It remains true that people can not accurately tell how good or how poorly they can see. Fog lights are designed from a scientific perspective, and science is not subject to subjective impressions like those in humans. Bad headlamps can appear to be good to some people, while the headlights can be way out of line with how they were meant to operate. A person’s visual system is simply not equipped to analyze the light’s effectiveness.

Our Services

At, we carry all the right accessories and parts your Hyundai Elantra make and model needs to operate at its optimal level. We are located at 655 NE 6th Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida. Since 1987, we have provided world-class services and products that our customers can rely on. Today, buying parts online is easy and safe. As a family owned and operated business, we go out of our way to ensure high-quality customer service. Safe vehicles inspire safe driving and adventurous road trips. As such, Florida is the perfect place to vacation alone or with the family.

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Maintaining Your Hyundai Elantra

As with any prized vehicle, your Hyundai Elantra will run better as a result of scheduled maintenance and servicing. Tune-ups are essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Have your certified mechanic service the transmission. Make sure the tires are safe and that your brakes are in good shape. Check all fluid reservoirs to make sure they are filled to specification. Hyundai has dealerships across the country, and there are a host of mechanic shops that are certified to work on your Elantra. If your Hyundai is beyond its warranty expiration date, inquire if there are extended warranties available.

Tips on Finding the Right Mechanic

Keeping your car in great running shape with all the right parts and accessories is the first step. Finding the right mechanic is the second. Look for recommendations. People are always willing to vouch for a good mechanic. Inquire about their qualifications. Anyone working on your vehicle should have certifications they can prove. Does the mechanic offer a warranty for their work? How well does the mechanic communicate? Are they clear about what needs to be repaired? Have they given you a fair estimate in writing? Do they belong to any verifiable professional organizations? Is their location economical for you? Trust is everything. This is how we approach customer service at Your mechanic should also provide you with the same strong offerings of customer service.